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Our portfolio company Taptu has recently pivoted from a mobile search proposition to the social magazine space.  They have had iPhone and Android apps out for a few months now but I have been waiting on their iPad app which came out a few days ago.

Reading news on my iPad is part of my morning routine and I have been a pretty happy user of Pulse up to this point, which I have preferred over Flipboard primarily because of its speed.  My only gripes with Pulse are the that you can only fit so many feeds onto a page and the limits on the content available.

Taptu solves both those problems.

The technology that powered the Taptu search offering has now been tuned so that any content source can be brought into a stream on Taptu and they can combine multiple sources into a single stream.  That means you can mix sources to create customised streams and have everything you need in the streams you can see on a single page (4 streams in portrait view, 3 streams in landscape).

I’ve set mine up to with dedicated streams for Facebook and Twitter and then a mixed stream for VC news and a mixed stream for premiership football news.

One of the neat things about they’ve done is allow people to share their curated feeds, or in Taptu parlance become ‘news DJs’.  The VC news feed I’ve got is one that was created by Scott Sage, an Associate here at DFJ Esprit, and the premiership football stream is one that Taptu curates.

The team at Taptu are going to help me curate my own stream with my favourite blogs, sites and Twitters.  I will let you know when it goes live.

The app has a few nice UI touches as well, in particular I like that you can view the full history of a stream and see how old each item is.  That helps you know how up to date you are and whether you have too many or too few sources curated into the feed.

My only substantial gripe is that there is no Instapaper support, which I’m told has been a common feature request since the iPad app went live and will be coming soon.  For now the ‘read later’ options are to email stories or bookmark them inside Taptu which creates a stream of saved stories.

Check it out.  Let me know what you think.

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