The Equity Kicker makes it onto Facebook – please like me…

By April 12, 2011 No Comments

image This morning Thomas Power tweeted out a link to an Inside Facebook post which compares Facebook and Twitter as distribution channels for journalists which prompted me to finally push Facebook integration for this blog to the top of my to-do list.  If you are reading this on the site itself you will be able to see like buttons at the end of each post and a Facebook fan box in the right side bar where the MyBlogLog widget used to be.

To make all this work I’ve set up a Facebook Page for The Equity Kicker and if you hit the ‘Like’ button in the sidebar widget then you will become a fan of The Equity Kicker’s page on Facebook, and your face will picture will show up in my sidebar.  Pretty obviously, this adds a social element to The Equity Kicker and hopefully helps people to more quickly figure out whether my words are worth reading.  The bad news is that my Fan count starts at zero, so if you like what I write please hit the ‘Like’ button in my Sidebar so that the widget fills up with faces.

The Facebook Fan box replaces the MyBlogLog widget which I’ve had up there for years.  I’ve always liked being able to quickly see the pictures who have been on the site, but unfortunately Yahoo! are discontinuing the service in the next couple of weeks.  Another example of corporate road kill.

Facebook is weaving its way through the web via its like button and Facebook Connect and it is past time I hooked up with that goodness.  The benefits for me are the same as for all writers, and indeed owners of other sites.  Seeing that other people, particularly your friends, have Liked something brings credibility and the added reach which comes from turning up in the news feeds of people who hit the Like button is very welcome.  Facebook has 600m users.

Twitter offers easier and more instant distribution via a simple tweet out to my followers, but the endorsement from Retweets isn’t as powerful as Facebook Likes, not least because it doesn’t come with a picture.  Additionally, at 140m users Twitter’s reach is much less than Facebook’s.  That said, I imagine that just about everyone who might be interested in this blog is on Twitter and I might not get that much extra juice out of Facebook.  It will be interesting to see.

For true journalists, or writers targeting an audience outside of the technorati then Facebook is becoming a much more important channel.  As they release more tools to help publishers and enhance their Fan Pages I am wondering if they will start to pull writers away from Twitter.