A good week for Google

By March 25, 2011 4 Comments


A couple of weeks back I wrote that Google was getting its mojo back on the back of a couple of exciting product announcements they made in February.  This has been another good week for the same reason:

  • In-app billing is (finally) coming to Android – this is huge, the health of any business ecosystem is dependent on the ability of participants to make money and Android developers have struggled on this front.  In-app billing opens up the virtual goods avenue and will be a real boon for the platform and hence for Google.
  • Launch of videos within Adwords (see picture) – more speculative this one, but the internet still hasn’t attracted its fair share of ad dollars away from TV and this format will reduce the imbalance.  It should improve the effectiveness of Adwords and be easier for media planners to buy.
  • Chrome 11 beta allows you to talk to your computer – less money here, but this is surely the way of the future

After a difficult period and a re-shuffle at the top Google is innovating again.  That is good to see.

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