Great customer feedback for Zeus

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I wrote this post when I was offline and forgot to publish it when I got back to the office 🙁


One of the joys of being a venture capitalist is taking vicarious pleasure from the success of your portfolio. Yesterday our portfolio company Zeus Technology received an unsolicited email from one of its customers which made everyone involved with the business very happy. I thought I would share it with you:

hi there –

i’ve just booted and configured a zeus load balancer on ec2. i just wanted to say i am stunned by how easy it was to get a not particularly straight forward configuration up and running. and the power of the zeus load balancer vs amazon’s elb is beyond a joke. zeus wins hands down in every respect.

consider us a customer!

cheers, simon

Zeus is on a tear and this sort of feedback is just rewards for all the hardwork everyone there is putting in.  I particularly like this quote for the way it focuses on the quality and ease of use of the product which I think is increasingly central to the success of any company.

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