Tablets taking over the world

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These tablet stories on Techmeme this morning prompted me to tell a story from dinner last night.  I was lucky enough to be eating at the Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Claridges, which for the first few minutes was remarkable only for the quality of the aperitifs and the celeb diners.  That changed when they brought out the wine list, which came in the form of an iPad, which we all thought was very cool.  Interestingly it was set up as a web app rather than a downloadable app.

That got me thinking about the proliferation of computing through our lives.  At the moment only expensive establishments like Claridges can afford to replace paper wine lists with iPads, but over time as prices drop maybe everywhere will.  Maybe they will replace menus too, if tablets become cheaper than printers and paper.

Already in my life books have been largely replaced by my Kindle, iPad and iPhone (it would be 100% if everything was available on Kindle), maybe other papers will start to go the same way.

All this has wide ramifications for the way the web is architected.  In the Reuters article pictured above Deloitte predicts that for the first time in 2011 sales of personal computers will be less than half the total computing device market – largely because of the surge in smartphone and tablet sales.  This year page views will still be higher on computers than mobile devices because better bandwidth, screens, and keyboards make the surfing experience easier, but it won’t be long before mobile page views are greater than non-mobile.  At that point it will be more important to think how a website appears on mobile than on the fixed web.

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