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Telegraph Tech Start-Up 100

By January 13, 2011 3 Comments

Milo Yiannopoulos in association with the Daily Telegraph is pulling together a list of the top 100 tech startups.  There are a number of such lists around and I think many of them make a strong contribution to the startup ecosystem.  They provide companies with good and cheap publicity and they are also helpful for us investors as we decide where to focus our efforts. 

You may be thinking that by the time a company hits one of these lists we should be on it already, and I’d largely agree with that, but at any given time we are in more or less serious discussions with a large number of businesses and we take notice when they win awards or get prominent placement on a list like the one Milo and team are pulling together.  It is, after all,  essential for startups to get noticed and hopefully the judging process is thorough and winning is a good indicator of future success.

And judging processes are what I’m going to write about next.  Milo et al are planning to run a very thorough and objective evaluation process.  They haven’t published their criteria yet, but they plan to once they have finalised their methodology and the idea is that it is free from subjective (or editorial) judgement – or at least as free as possible, and I think that is great.  It will lead to a higher quality list and should keep the startups who apply focused on doing the things that will improve the fundamentals of their business.

There are two final things to say.  Firstly, the emerging (but unpublished) list of judges looks very strong, and the second is that applications close on Jan 23rd, so there isn’t long left.

If you are a startup with a chance of winning, you really should apply.  More details on the process and criteria here and the application form is here.