Happy holidays everyone

By December 27, 2010 2 Comments


Life was a little hectic in the week before Christmas during which saw me finally succumb to the flu that has been afflicting my family (and come closer to taking my first day off work in ten years)  and finished at around 10pm on Christmas Eve with me sending out a termsheet for investment to a  potential new portfolio company.

Since then we’ve all had a great two days watching the kids accumulate a mountain of presents and visiting both sides of the family, and the week ahead looks pretty good as well, visiting friends, and taking in a panto.

I won’t be working much, but I’m catching up on a few things this morning and wanted to send out a note to all of you that I would have liked to get done before Xmas, but got lost in the rush.

So, thanks for reading, commenting, and Tweeting, I really appreciate it all.  This blog is much richer for your contributions and would quickly wither without them.  I hope you all have a good break and manage to get some time with your family and friends and away from work.

I will get back to blogging every work day from next Tuesday 4th January.