50 Questions

50 Questions – What exactly is an ‘investor’? and What are the different types of early stage funder?

By December 2, 2010 No Comments

ScreenShot051 As regular readers will be aware I am writing a series of posts with Nicholas Lovell of Gamesbrief which together will form the 50 questions you should ask before raising venture capital.

I have posted three questions so far on this blog and Nicholas has posted two.  I realised yesterday that I have been remiss in pointing to the ones Nicholas has written.  Rather embarrassing, and I am making amends now.

The first question Nicholas posted was What exactly is an ‘investor’? – in his answer he guides us from the dictionary definition – “an investor applies or uses money, for profit” to a discussion of different types of investor and their differing attitudes to the risk of losing money and making a huge profit.

The second was What are the different types of early stage funder? in which Nicholas discusses the different sources of capital available to fund a business, starting with revenue.  Venture capital should not be an unthinking choice.