The gamification of everything….

There is a lot of buzz about gamification at the moment – and with good reason – game mechanics can help make any site or service easier and more fun to use.  However, as with many good ideas, too many people are jumping on this one.

For that reason it was good to read […]

European VC deal value roughly flat quarter on quarter

Headhunters Calibre One published their regular state of the market briefing yesterday and it shows that investment levels in Europe have been roughly flat at just under $1bn per quarter since the credit crunch hit a couple of years ago.  The US, in sharp contrast, has had a rockier ride, but is still sees […]

Succeeding in consumer internet – lessons from Mint’s victory and Wesabe’s failure

You may remember that last year, a service for managing personal finances online, was acquired by Quicken for $170m.  You may also have seen that shortly afterwards Wesabe, their main competitor, gave up the fight (the site is still live but only as a discussion board).

So Mint won and Wesabe lost. […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03 # Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03 # A justification of Facebook’s $33bn price tag # iPads, the incredible pace of change and tablet opportunities # Android keeps on gaining market share # Google is making great headway. Chrome market share up to 11.5% […]

Facebook makes another impressive step forward – control is the goal

If you have been anywhere near a computer in the last twenty four hours you have probably caught some of the news that Facebook announced yesterday.  It seems to me they have made another impressive step forward – on the one hand by addressing key gripes about the service and on the other by […]

Smartphones as sensor platforms

One of the interesting areas for the future development of smartphones is as sensor platforms.  I’ve written before about how that might work in consumer health, and Fast Company has an article today about how it might work in consumer finance:

RFID credit cards are on the way. RFID means you’ll be able to […]

iPads, the incredible pace of change and tablet opportunities

As you may have heard the iPad has had the fastest adoption rate of any consumer electronics ever.  To put some numbers on that it, took just 80 days to sell three million units and the current sales rate is 4.5m units per quarter.  That compares with the one million units the iPhone sold […]

A justification of Facebook’s $33bn price tag

A couple of weeks ago I blogged some thoughts on the $33bn valuation at which Facebook shares are changing hands.  In that post I wrote that I think Facebook is a great company, but that the small number of shares traded at this price most likely over stated the value of the company.

Over […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-03

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26 # Chris Sacca talks value add from venture investors # Vodafone embracing its destiny as a pipe # Enterprise 2.0 and middleware-as-a-service # @freecloud I agree, I was excited to see what Qwiki is all about, but there isn't much to see… in reply […]

Massive growth and opportunity ahead in online advertising

The Lex column in the FT today has an article about Google which highlights the huge opportunities that still lie ahead in online advertising, including mobile.  We’ve been building this industry for ten years already and I’ve posted numerous market size updates on this blog over the years which all made the same underlying […]