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The gamification of everything….

By October 12, 2010 2 Comments

There is a lot of buzz about gamification at the moment – and with good reason – game mechanics can help make any site or service easier and more fun to use.  However, as with many good ideas, too many people are jumping on this one.

For that reason it was good to read a common sense approach on Nicholas Lovell’s Gamesbrief blog explained by guest author Roy Schmidt of Bigdoor, a company that allows anyone to gamify their website.  I like the way he opened:

There’s a lot of buzz around “gamification” recently, and plenty of confusion about what it really means to gamify a site. One thing is clear: It’s a lot more than just adding badges to a site. It’s about finding the right motivators for your audience and promoting desirable behaviour in an enjoyable way without getting in the way of the core value of your service.

Amen to that.