Facebook passes Google in time spent on site

By September 16, 2010Facebook, Google, Yahoo!

The rise of Facebook is nothing short of meteoric.  This chart was on Business Insider earlier in the week.


  • I don’t completely get what the fuss is about — facebook is optimised around time spent, google around directing clicks

  • Agreed it isn’t quite an apples for apples comparison, but Facebook is an increasingly strong competitor to Google for ad spend.

  • I guess that what it’s really amazing is that thee comparison is with Yahoo sites and Google sites, therefore including all the likes of flickr, youtube, orkut, etc. In that respect the figure is utterly impressive as it’s one single site vs. many properties.

  • I think the fuss is about what would happens if Facebook became better at monetising their user’s superior engagement by directing users clicks. What if Facebook managed to create a social search engine that rivals Google + Google Me? In that case “time spent” on the site could be considered indicative of the revenue generating capabilities of the the business.

    User engagement is superior on Facebook because of the social integration of different media types (videos, pictures, maps, comments etc) and as a result Facebook is becoming THE platform of choice for informal communication for many users. As a result I also think that it is becoming the point of inception for an increasing amount of consumer spending. The last holiday I went on was was decided on Facebook with a group of friends…sure I then went to Kayak to search for flights and Google for hotels but that is because Facebook didnt suggest any good options. This it the crux of my argument; If Facebook had offered me flights or hotels options I might have taken them. I am an example of how they lost their captive audience as I went to spend my money through another platform offering me better search functionality.

    A social communication platform with high user engagement is a breeding ground for new ideas on how to spend money. Keeping the user engaged from the point of inception to the point of purchase by offering the consumer products/services in a timely and helpful manner will make allow a platform (such as Facebook) to make a lot of money.

    Time spent on the site is an indicator that this is a breeding ground for new decisions on how spend your money. Its now just a question of find a way to monetise the breeding ground. If you are an investor or an entrepreneur I would be looking at companies in the semantics search space…either that or in the dream infiltration space 😉