Dave McClure on startup investing

You might have seen that Dave McClure who has been making seed investments in the US for the Founders Fund and the Facebook Fund over the last twelve months has recently raised his own fund.  In this interview with GigaOM he talks about the sort of things he likes to see in startups and his philosophy on investment.  There is a lot of good stuff here.  If you are running a consumer internet company or are looking to better understand the characteristics of a good one then it is well worth ten minutes of your time.  I don’t watch many videos of this length, but I stayed with this one until the end.

  • JulienNakache

    I really like that dude. It feels like too many VCs in Europe don't have a technical background and are not focused enough on product. That' why I enjoy so much this new kind of seed investors 🙂

  • I agree entirely.

  • damonoldcorn

    Interested though that he favours investments in disrupting business at the mainstream level as opposed to the next gadget/widget/app etc, perhaps we are hearing different things from this interview. Concerned though that good as he appears to be that a lot of the good work here is dependant on an individual passion for the sector and is not more broadbased to support the industry. Better to have than not have, but this is not going to impact the UK market that dramatically. Still need to break tech seed/angel investment out from the inner circle that it inhabits in places like London. If you are a start up and not touching on that inner circle, which covers the majority of young entrepreneurs or even older first time players out there, the chances of funding of any sort are still remote. I get asked every month ……. how do I raise funding……… most generally not aware where to start…….or how long/tough it is going to be.

  • His impact on the UK comes from educating entrpreneurs and providing a model for seed investors to copy. I agree it is less than his impact on the US.