You’ve got to love the BBC

By August 1, 2010TV

Fiona and I have just finished watching the first episode of the new BBC Sherlock Holmes series on iPlayer. Great drama and great technology – that’s worth the Licence fee right there.

Not that you have to pay it if you get your TV via iPlayer/over the Internet.

  • Paulpod

    I’m thinking an iplayer license fee validation can’t be far off… Followed by a non-UK access for a fair price saving the Bbc from cuts. Maybe.

  • DaveB

    you pretty much have to pay the license fee for iPlayer because iPlayer needs a UK IP address.

  • At the moment, but aren't the Government talking about closing this loophole?

  • Interesting. I hadn't heard that. Curious to see how they do it.

  • PB

    The license fee certainly needs to be more flexible. I find it a little antiquated that we need a license just to have a TV which we may not wish to watch any bbc channels on. A license fee just to consume bbc content on the internet would seem to make sense too, since an increasing number of people simply use their pc as their main device to consume media.

  • Little Dorrit, Foyle's War, David Copperfield, North and South, etc. I could go on and on. Yes, the BBC rocks. This is all via DVD or Netflix for me.

  • Interesting thought Paul. And sorry to only get to this now. Disqus hid your comment from me until today.