Congratulations to Facebook on reaching 500m active members

By July 22, 2010 No Comments

I’m going to join what seems like the rest of the blogosphere in congratulating Zuckerberg and Facebook on reaching 500m active users (see Zuck’s post announcing the milestone here).  That is a phenomenal number of people and it is an amazing achievement to get there in six years. 

It is also worth noting their incredible track record of innovation – e.g. news feeds, the app platform, Facebook Connect, the Like Button, and their ad-targeting platform, and the quality of the tech team which has kept the site running at blistering pace throughout their growth and innovation (contrast that with Twitter).

And they are a proper business, with revenues estimated at $1bn+ this year, and still growing at near 100%.  From the bits and pieces I read I think they are near to profitability and I would expect that if they chose they could dial back growth and become profitable immediately.


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