This is a good time to be a developer in mobile

Yesterday I wrote about Google’s HTML5 apps on mobile and I want to share this comment that my friend Jof Arnold left in response:

I love what this [HTML5] is doing for browser speeds; look at the performance of Chrome and Safari now (check out the demos on the Safari HTML5 gallery; realtime 3D hardware-accelerated CSS3 transforms applied to hires video with almost no CPU usage!!!). This ding-dong battle between Google and Apple is so great for entrepreneurs; new tech, multiple good exits to young startups, good monetization and distribution options… To heck with "fragmentation" or whatever people are worried about these days – these are good times!

* Clarification… What I’m talking about here is the push towards very fast, hardware-accelerated browsers in order to run fast on mobile devices; that’s the key – that’s what seems to be driving this way more than as-yet-not-conceived desktop apps. Besides, there’s only two browsers in the mobile space and both use webkit… Desktop is a very different beast – browsers all over the place.

Happy days.  It is good to see competition driving innovation for the benefit of everyone.

Jof is the founder of Gymfu, maker of the ‘Fu’ family of iPhone fitness games.