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Mary Meeker internet trends – the mobile opportunity will eclipse what we have seen before

By June 24, 2010 One Comment

Take a look at Mary Meeker’s latest update of her Internet Trends slides.  There is a tonne of good stuff in here indicating that mobile will be HUGE and that we are at or nearing an inflection point, not least:

  • Smartphones will be more numerous than PCs by 2012
  • Smartphone will outnumber feature phones by 2011
  • Mobile app usage and mobile search are both forecast to be up 2x over the current year

For those in the online advertising world slides 25-31 are particularly worth a look, showing the $50bn open opportunity in online advertising calculated from disparities between where media is consumed and advertising dollars are spent, and explaining how existing inventory is under monetised.  We need some innovation in this space.  Maybe the iPad will do it.

We should of course keep ourselves grounded, and, as Alan Patrick points out, it is worth remembering that Ms Meeker got herself into a bit of trouble during the dotcom boom on account of her optimism on the prospects for internet growth.  The trick here, as ever, is picking the right specific business opportunity and getting the timing right.

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