My new Blackberry and email on the iPhone

By June 17, 2010 One Comment

I got a new Blackberry earlier this week (a Bold 9700) and the day I got it I sent the tweet below saying that it might be my last.

image I said that because for the last year or so I’ve been carrying an iPhone and a Blackberry and that is a pain.  It takes me back to the time 10-15 years ago when we all used to carry a mobile phone and a Palm Pilot and talk wishfully about the day when someone would combine the functionality of both in a single device and we could have one of our pockets back.

If you do a lot of email (as I do) then the iPhone just isn’t good enough.  If you want to process large volumes of email efficiently you need a filing system and filing emails on the iPhone is too slow a process – the email software lacks the predictive filing which is so effective on the Blackberry, forcing you instead to scroll through all of your email folders every time.

Additionally the email on the iPhone doesn’t work that well when you aren’t connected or when the connection is poor.  It sometimes won’t let you delete or file messages.

I use the iPhone to send emails instead of the Blackberry sometimes and I prefer it when I’m writing blog posts on the move, so I’ve got fast enough with the typing to make it my primary email device, but the problems processing inbound emails are show stoppers for me.  In fact I am in the midst of one of my worst email crises for some time in part because it took me a day or so to get email working well on the Blackberry and I wasn’t able to use my time on trains to clear email as efficiently as normal.

I tweeted that this Blackberry might be my last because one would think these problems are pretty trivial to fix.  After every software update on the iPhone I check to see if the situation has improved, and I’m sure they will get it soon, either that or their will be an Android device I can use.

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