Tweeting those personal moments

By June 3, 2010 7 Comments

I have just returned from a long weekend in Iceland with my wife Fiona.  It was a great trip, and we saw some awe inspiring sights, most notably ice breaking off from a glacier and floating down the river (picture below) and the Strokkur geyser, but at no time did I feel like broadcasting my experiences on Twitter (or any other socnet for that matter).  In fact it didn’t even cross my mind until the evenings, typically when we were sharing a glass of wine and reflecting on the day, and by then the moment had passed and it was too late.  You can’t Tweet the echo of an emotion.

I was quite surprised by all of the above, and have been wondering what it means.  Two inter-related thoughts emerge:

  • My use of Twitter is mostly professional and primarily as a content network, both for broadcasting links to interesting articles and to see what is interesting all you smart folk out there – a different use case to sharing intimate moments
  • Thinking back on when I have shouted about  cool of fun stuff I’m doing it is usually when I’m alone.  In Iceland Fiona was always with me, and the fact that I didn’t think about Tweeting has me thinking that (for me at least) it is secondary outlet for sharing which I fall back on when there is nobody else around.

My Twitter and Facebook are currently totally integrated.  When I Tweet it automatically updates my FB status.  That has been a cause for complaint for some of my personal friends who find most of my web news related updates a little boring (to say the least) -if you check out my Facebook closely you will see the odd ironic comment popping up that makes this point.  On the other hand a number of you access my feed via Facebook and leave comments there rather than on the blog itself or in Twitter, which is why I made the integration in the first place.

In conclusion, I’m starting to think that I should at least partially separate my Facebook and Twitter, concentrating the former more on my personal life and the latter more on my work life.  That would make my Facebook more relevant for my non-techie pals and might also get me thinking more about sharing some of those personal moments as they happen, which is something I would like to do.  I might set it up so that my Tweets only go to Twitter and keep that focused on content sharing, and then when I’m updating Facebook have it automatically update Twitter as well.

Let me know if that would change the way you read this blog and access my Tweets, particularly if it would mean you read me less, or not at all.

And finally – if you get the chance – go to Iceland.  I highly recommend it – you will see things that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet, there aren’t too many tourists, and the people are very friendly.  And we didn’t get caught in any volcanoes 🙂 (that said, when it rains it leaves little black ash marks, which has me wondering about their flight safety thresholds…).


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