Why I blog – investment theses and dealflow

By May 19, 2010 4 Comments

Refining my investment theses and generating dealflow aretwo of the most important reasons that I blog, and we had a good day on bothcounts yesterday. 

In the morning I read an FT article about mobile couponswhich prompted me to write a post on the topic.  As usual the process of writingthat post clarified my thinking with regard to potential startup opportunitiesin this area (if you are curious check out the post) which was helpful in andof itself.  Most of you have probably experienced something similar, forexample if you have written a business plan for a startup – putting thoughtsinto words is a process which forces clarity and often refinement of your ideasand hypotheses. 

Up to this point instead of blogging I could have written apaper for my colleagues at DFJ Esprit and got the benefits above, although thediscipline of writing a post every work day helps make sure I spend a goodamount of time reading, researching, and working on investment ideas. 

But the real benefit of writing the post came after I hitthe publish button.  I think most of my posts are read by a few hundred toa thousand people (a number I piece together from the c3,000 subscribers to myfeed, around 1,000 unique visitors to the site each day and small number ofhundreds that visit each of the individual post pages) and a small number ofthose typically write a comment which moves the debate on to the next level,helping refine my theses further.  Yesterday that refinement came in the formof a blog post from @567Tech who quoted my piece and added his own thinking to it.

And then occasionally people bring companies to my attentionthat match the theses I have been describing, providing dealflow.  As a VCdealflow is my lifeblood, and I got stronger yesterday when Mark Hindmarsh and mindsmack leftcomments identifying two startups that I should look at in the mobile couponspace.


Saying ‘thank you’ to everyone who reads and comments onthis blog is something I don’t do enough.  I hope this post goes some wayto redressing that gap.  I owe a debt of gratitude to you all.