Quick review of Scribefire for Chrome – a blog editor

By May 18, 2010 2 Comments

I used to be a big user of the Scribefire Firefox plugin and so I was keen to try out their new extension for Chrome when I heard it was released a week or two back.  I just used it to write a post about mobile vouchers and I’m using it again to write this quick review.

The pluses:
  • Very quick to install
  • Runs within a tab in Chrome, so no extra application on my desktop
  • It’s fast
  • Log in to my blog was quick and easy
The minuses:
  • No option to upload images – you can only link to an image URL, so the image will disappear from the post if the person who is hosting it takes it down
  • The pop up boxes to add links come up too small and you have to scroll down to click the ‘submit’ or ‘cancel’ buttons
  • You can only specify one category per post
Overall I can see myself using it occasionally to make a quick post, but most of the time I will keep using Microsoft Livewriter which, whilst not being a great piece of software, does handle images very well.