US ad market up to nearly $6bn in Q1

By May 14, 2010 2 Comments

Good news seems to be cropping up in market stats and company results everywhere at the moment, certainly the bulk of our portfolio is trucking along nicely.  I just hope that sovereign debt crises don’t upset the apple cart.

The latest came from Comscore data and Interactive Advertising Bureau data reported on Techcrunch out yesterday, showing that the US display advertising market is in good health.

On the overall market, revenues hit $5.9bn in Q1, 7.5% up on the same period in 2009, but less than the previous quarter.  As you can see from the chart the market is looking much healthier than in the last 12 months, but is still in the same territory as the 2007-08 period.


On the display ad side, 1.1tn ad impressions were shown in Q1 2010, 15% up on the year ago figure.  The spend was estimated at $2.7bn, which is apparently also growing, although the comparison figure isn’t given.

The average CPM across the board for Q1 works out at $2.48, and the big question for publishers of course is which way that is going.  Again no data given, but I suspect it is still declining.

The other interesting fact in the Comscore report is that now accounts for 16% of display ads served, more than any other player by quite some margin.  I continue to hear good stories about the effectiveness of their targeting too, making it possible that they are bucking the trend in CPMs.

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