Christchurch Nightshelter – thank you for your support

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Every winter I help out as a volunteer for the CARIS Islington Cold Weather Shelter in north London near where I live.  The NightShelter (as we call it) offers dinner, bed and breakfast for between 15 and I think around 50 homeless people every night for the first three months of every year.  If you are wondering why only January to March, it is because the NightShelter was originally designed to pick up from other charities whose activities stop after Christmas.

The NightShelter rotates between seven different churches each of which has a designated night of the week.  I volunteer on Fridays when the shelter is at Christchurch in Highbury and the pictures you see below are from there.

I am telling you all this because I have just donated the small amount of advertising money this blog made in the last six months to CARIS, as I also did last winter.  TheEquityKicker is only a smallish site (March will be just over 13k uniques) and despite the various experiments I have made with advertising I have never been able to rake much in.  For those that are interested, the money I do get comes from a paid link placement you can find low down in the left sidebar.

It isn’t much, but every little helps, particularly at CARIS which is a small charity – and none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for all of you taking the time to read my ramblings and come visit the site, so a big thank you, both from CARIS and from me.

 IMG_0070The guests are offered a cup of tea or coffee when they arrive

 IMG_0071Then everyone has dinner together, at the head of the table you can see a volunteer in blue talking with a guest in grey

 IMG_0074Three of the guests are having a chat before they go to sleep.  The beds are in a room which is adjacent to the main church hall, and you can see a church notice board in the corner of the room.

 IMG_0075One of the guests already asleep shortly before lights out.