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By March 26, 2010 One Comment

I came to this list of Getty Images’ leadership principles via a conversation with founder Steve Brown and the blog of Emi Gal, founder of Seedcamp winner Brainient – and it is a good one.

  • Trustworthiness, Transparency and Openness. We insist on honesty, integrity and openness.
  • Raise the Bar. It is incumbent upon us to increase our standards of performance and strive for excellence.
  • Lead by Example. We are stewards of excellence and consistently demonstrate our values.
  • One Voice. Collective responsibility must be embraced.
  • Bring Me Solutions. Identifying a problem is important, but finding the solution is far more valuable.
  • No silos. It’s not “their” problem — it’s “our” problem.
  • The Obligation to Care. We must truly care about this business and our colleagues.

This is a very 21st Century perspective on leadership, particularly the ‘obligation to care’.  When I was a management consultant with Gemini in the 1990s we prided ourselves on being leading edge thinkers with regard to corporate culture and values and we hadn’t cottoned on to the notion of servant leadership which I increasingly think is the way of the future.  I posted this neat three part description of servant leadership from Max DuPree on this blog some time ago – 1) set strategy, 2) work like a dog for your people, 3) say thank you.

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