Jack Dorsey’s Square

If you haven’t seen a demo of Jack Dorsey’s Square yet, take a look at this video.  The Square could revolutionise retail point of sale, making it a) radically cheaper to implement systems and b) much easier to introduce new ideas, like voucher redemption.

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  • Did you see the length of time it took to actually perform the transaction?
    – guy boots up app, waits
    – slides card
    – gets customer to sign on the iphone app
    – waits
    – asks customer for email address for receipt, etc

    It's an absolutely cool idea, but contrast the above experience with buying a coffee from Prett using an Oyster card. Tap, done..

  • Mmm – good point. It won't be competitive with Oyster or I guess cash for small transactions.

  • More worrying, it could potentially turn every iphone into a potential card cloning device..unless I am missing something.

  • I guess that is possible … but also possible without Square