US mobile market share – Android growing faster than Apple

By March 11, 2010 8 Comments

comScore reports from Jan in the US just out show that whilst Apple still has momentum it is still emphatically not top dog.  Taking overall mobile (i.e. not just smartphones) they are not even in the top 5:


Then when it comes to smart phones Google has added 4.3 points of market share to Apple’s 1.7 points in the three months ending Jan 2010 compared when with the previous three months.  That is much faster growth off a smaller base and bodes extremely well for Android, particularly given the number of new devices they have got coming.  It’s also noteworthy that RIM is still way out in front and also gained more share than Apple during the period.


Something deep inside me that I am starting to think may not be entirely rational prefers open to closed, so I’m pleased by the early signs of Android’s success.  That said, it would be nicer still if Google wasn’t behind it.

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