Comscore has just published a review of internet trends in 2009 and it is jam packed full of interesting stats (link to download here).  I’m going to pull out just one here, but if you have a broad interest in how the internet is developing the whole paper is well worth a read.


Fox Interactive Media includes Myspace, and AOL includes Bebo, so social networks are now prominent at the top of the charts, and they are growing fast too.  Facebook doubled in the last twelve months. 

Not all ad impressions are created equal though, and one of the interesting things about this list is that, according to Techcrunch, Facebook served up more page impressions than Yahoo last year despite showing only two thirds of the ads (excuse me the rough maths).  This is, of course, because social media monetises less well than Yahoo’s content, and as a result Facebook shows fewer ads per page served, and I wouldn’t mind betting their average CPMs are lower too.

Finally – take a second to reflect on how concentrated this market is – just about all the action is concentrated in the top five.  That said, it might be mis-leading to think of display impressions as a single market.

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