Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-20

  • Published a new post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13 #
  • Published a new post: Internet T’s & C’s – do we have a problem? #
  • Published a new post: The best companies are analytical #
  • Published a new post: Your help with a new strapline for DFJ Esprit #
  • Thanks everyone for all the input to DFJ Esprit's new strapline – I will post a digest soon #
  • Great post from Brad Feld (@bfeld) – Beware The Hockey Stick In Your Budget: #
  • Published a new post: Simon Fuller showing us the future of TV #
  • Google rumoured to be in for Yelp for $500m+ – 10x 2010 revenues, nice deal for Yelp if it comes off RT TechCrucnch #
  • Micro/mini boogging wars, Tumblr is growing fast and winning, Posterous has gone flat – some Compete data: #
  • Published a new post: Progress towards the mobile web and away from apps #
  • I've worked through all the Star Trek Next Generation Q Episodes, now starting the Borg episodes #
  • RT @tribeofnoise: Bad News For Spotify: No Illegal Download Drop – #

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