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Your help with a new strapline for DFJ Esprit

By December 16, 2009 26 Comments

Here at DFJ Esprit we have been working on a new strapline.  We are looking for something pithy which captures the essence of what makes us different and unique and explains why you should want to work with us.

After some soul searching we came up with three key messages that we want to get across:

  • As individuals the partners at DFJ Esprit are great people to have as investor directors.
  • We are very experienced at helping build companies.
  • We are uniquely well placed to help global businesses

It is looking at the work we’ve done with investments like buy.at and Lovefilm, the way we don’t need to drive companies towards billion dollar exits to make our fund work, what our entrepreneurs say about us, the global nature of our portfolio and our participation in the DFJ Global Network that lies behind this choice of themes.

We’ve been kicking a few ideas around internally, but none of them seem to work that well.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • DFJ Esprit – the people to help you build a global business
  • DFJ Esprit – no-nonsense people building global businesses

I’m writing this partly to get feedback on the themes.  Do they resonate well with you?, are they credible?, are they differentiated from our competition?  Our target audience is firstly entrepreneurs and then advisors, angels, other intermediaries and LPs.

And partly to solicit suggestions for straplines.  If anything great pops into your mind I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for your help.

UPDATE – I removed the repeated tagline above.  Thanks to those of you who pointed out the error.

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