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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-13

By December 13, 2009 One Comment
  • Published a new post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-06 http://cli.gs/LGe52 #
  • Will mobile communities be smaller forcing brands to micro-target? RT samirbalwani http://bit.ly/6FXhWy #
  • Published a new post: Some thoughts on recruitment – instinct over CV http://cli.gs/EBWVm #
  • I'm heading to a Microsoft meeting. What would you like them/Bizspark to do for the startup communiy? #
  • Tks all for the ideas re MS. As well as Bizspark free software offer they are looking to pick c100 companies to really help be successful #
  • #newspapersindecline – circulation of the UK's most popular tabloid The Sun down from 4.5m in the mid 1990s to 3m today. #
  • @wulff print media is in decline, I guess consumption of news might actually be increasing. Overall news revenues are down though. in reply to wulff #
  • Published a new post: Europe needs more large tech companies http://cli.gs/qrhs4 #
  • @tor thanks, fixed now in reply to tor #
  • Published a new post: Web 2 winners start as free apps and become platforms http://cli.gs/ZvpG2 #
  • When the medium changes the atomic unit of consumption changes. Marissa Mayer #leweb #
  • Published a new post: Amazon launches DVD and stream bundle – how long before the DVD gets dropped? http://cli.gs/EXVH7 #
  • @freecloud teens buying vinyl will turn out to be a retro cool fad, even house DJs are eschewing vinyl now in reply to freecloud #
  • Hold onto your hats – Chrome up to 500 extensions after 2 days RT TechCrunch http://bit.ly/8S4N7M – extensibility is the only way forward #
  • Published a new post: Convergence at work – Apple and Google square up http://cli.gs/WBBb5 #

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