Amazon launches DVD and stream bundle – how long before the DVD gets dropped?

By December 10, 2009 12 Comments

This is on NewTeeVee: just launched a promotion dubbed Disc+ On Demand that may well be the start to the industry’s first major multi-platform retail experience. Customers who buy select movies on DVD or Blu-ray will be offered the chance to instantly watch their purchase through Amazon’s Video On Demand service.

One of the biggest downers to any ecommerce buying experience is waiting for the goods to turn up and with this move Amazon eliminates that problem and delivers instant gratification so it easy to see why this makes sense, and might even help maintain DVD pricing in the short term (they are describing the VOD part as a “gift with purchase”).

Looking forward, if this offering takes off the implication is that people will be watching their films over the internet before the physical copy turns up at their houses.  From there it is a small step to ditching the DVD and just taking the stream.

We are seeing in the music industry that having music available everywhere is more important than owning it and I expect we will see something similar in movies and then books.

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