Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-06

  • Published a new post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29 #
  • Published a new post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29 #
  • @Hardcd1 I don't know Google Wave too well yet, but I think there is plenty of innovation in messaging ahead of us #
  • Some BIG forecasts for cloud computing – Merryll and Gartner $150bn+ – #
  • Published a new post: Online ad market stabilises – next period will be interesting #
  • Android based Motorola Droid approaching 1m unit sales GIGAom – #
  • The AP says Microsoft unlikely to pay newspapers to opt out of the Google index – #
  • Published a new post: The slow pace of change in television #
  • Mens magazines in fast decline – #
  • RT @hermioneway: Brilliant and rare interview with a 17-year-old hacker! #
  • Published a new post: Social media and the blend of customer service, research, PR and advertising #
  • Published a new post: Music artists are making more money than ever #
  • Any business plan that has financial forecasts under headings year 1, year 2 etc. rather than 2009, 2010 etc. is too early stage for us #
  • @gusneil blog post on its way…. in reply to gusneil #
  • Published a new post: Financial forecasts in a business plan #
  • Good @fredwilson summary of how to think about and price HR acquisitions at startups – #
  • Either there is a shortage of Xmas trees in Europe this year or I have just been tucked up. Hmm. Still, got to keep the kids happy. #

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