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Understanding Venture Capital – slides for my Cass Business School talk

By November 27, 2009 9 Comments

Thanks everyone who chipped in with suggestions for the talk I’m giving to a CASS Business School MBA class in a couple of hours.  One of the reasons I write this blog is to help shed some light on the often murky world of venture capital and it has been helpful to hear which areas are the murkiest.

I’ve embedded the slides below and they will hopefully answer most of the questions raised, although as ever there will be more in the voice over than the Powerpoint.  There are a couple of points that bear repeating in the body text of this post, although they won’t be surprising to many of you:

  • Taking money from a VC usually locks a company into shooting for a big exit, and rules out the possibility of a lucrative low level exit or running a lifestyle business
  • Venture capital is rarely for starting companies, but rather for accelerating the success of those that have gotten off to a good start

Finally – Ben Holmes, if you are reading I have copied a couple of slides from your Glasshouse presentation.  Thanks and I hope you don’t mind!

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