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What would you like to know about venture capital?

By November 25, 2009 11 Comments


I’m giving a talk on venture capital to a class of MBA students at the Cass Business School on Friday.  I suspect some of them will be there to learn about venture capital as a career option and some of them will be there because they are (or plan to be) entrepreneurs.  That is a pretty good match with how I think about the readers of TheEquityKicker, so I thought I you might have some good ideas about what I should cover.

I’m currently planning to structure my talk as follows:

  • Introduction – 5 minutes
  • Limited partners and the venture capital value chain – 5 minutes
  • Making investments – 20 minutes
    • Approaches to finding new deals
    • Deciding to make an investment
    • Investment execution
  • Exiting investments (aka portfolio management) – 10 minutes
    • Helping companies to succeed
    • Making the fund a success
  • How a VC fund manages itself – 5 minutes

Please respond in the comments with any ideas.  E.g. things you would have loved to know before you started, things you would love to know now, common misconceptions I should dispel, things that irritate you about venture capital, things that you love, in fact anything!

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