Admob data – Android making great progress

By November 3, 2009 2 Comments

Data out from Admob’s regular report on mobile web activity derived from data on where their ads are shown shows that 10% of smartphone web requests now come from Android devices (see the chart below).  This is up from nothing a short while ago and comes before much hyped devices like the HTC Hero and Motorola Droid have had a chance to make much of an impact.

The iPhone is still way out in front but it’s USPs are on the wane.  A year ago it was the only touch screen handset in the top ten and now there are five and six have mobile application stores.  Plus it will now have to compete with turn by turn GPS navigation bundled free with Android.

Despite Microsoft’s efforts over the years the mobile market has largely stuck to bundling proprietary software with proprietary hardware.  That might finally be about to change.  If it does we will see a flood of apps and services that will dwarf what we have seen on the iPhone so far.  I think it will also herald the end of the distinction between mobile and web that is prevelant today.