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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

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  • Published a new post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18 http://cli.gs/Hn4M7 #
  • Published a new post: Beware the halo effect http://cli.gs/PM8jJ #
  • McKinsey talks about the changing social contract – social standards are coming to market based relationships – http://bit.ly/uh7pO #
  • At web2.0 hearing very positive story on economy and tech from Mary Meeker – still plenty to worry about though #
  • The virtual goods blitz continuesRT @TechCrunch Ning Launches Virtual Gifts Allows Network Creators To Design Their Own http://bit.ly/4CvfJO #
  • @ev on stage at web2.0 saying 97% of company's effort still focused on building tech and site, ie not on monetisation #
  • I'm getting good value out of @azeemazhar viewsflow app – articles I've found there have stimulated two blog posts already this week #
  • Published a new post: More evidence of ads not working http://cli.gs/H4bpj #
  • US traffic growth on Twitter.com has slowed. Now rumours Bing and Google close to licensing firehose: http://bit.ly/3JV1yU. Coincidence? #
  • RT @ajkeen: Ultimately e-readers will have be interoperable across platforms. iTablet will likely change everything #
  • @fredwilson writes about the challenges of investing in a product pre-launch http://bit.ly/2ZObVk #
  • Published a new post: Bing, competition, and search http://cli.gs/Bd9j0 #
  • Screenshot of Google's music service – http://bit.ly/26iT67 – the interest in this space is staggering given the business model challenges #
  • @davidjwbailey I agree. My point is that it is difficult for VCs in reply to davidjwbailey #
  • Published a new post: Tech companies are cashed for make acquisitions http://cli.gs/5U9um #
  • AOL has gone from 500 to 2,000 journalists in the last six months. #w2s #
  • AOL has 270m uniques, 100m in the US #
  • MSFT posts great results, buoyed by Windows 7 – which beat Harry Potter to become the most pre-ordered item on Amazon http://bit.ly/3kb7uM #
  • Good article on the EA-Playfish saga – http://bit.ly/2oGLSM #
  • Published a new post: An open, sharing culture is good for the startup ecosystem http://cli.gs/UBDHt #
  • @plc thanks Peter. Seems to be ok now? Let me know if not, and of any future probs. in reply to plc #
  • @vwadhwa thanks Vivek, and I still don't think that post was a real slamming 🙂 in reply to vwadhwa #
  • #chelsea – conspiracy theory – mgt allow long queues into Matthew Harding coz more people get here earlier increasing matchday bar takings #

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