More evidence of ads not working

By October 21, 2009 7 Comments

There was an interesting piece on ReadWriteWeb a couple of days ago reporting on some research from marketing firm Brand in Hand which found that female iPhone users are barely interacting with mobile ads.  They are too busy using the phone to waste time clicking through to find out what might lie on the other side.

I would bet that this phenomena will spread to other parts of the population as well, maybe to all of it eventually.  My logic is:

  • Being short on time is increasingly a problem for everyone, and this trend is accelerating
  • Ads don’t offer anything to the consumer anymore – if you want to find out about a product or service you can now do much better searching on Google than clicking on an ad.  This fact of modern life is getting better and better understood by more and more of the population

Note also that these arguments are not limited to mobile.

So where does advertising go?

Two answers to that spring to mind right now (note this isn’t supposed to be an exhaustive list):

  • from broadcast ads to engagement driven marketing, the same ReadWriteWeb piece has an example of an app from Kraft foods that is working really well for them
  • discount or voucher driven marketing – vouchers are becoming an increasingly common part of the purchase process
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