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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

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  • Published a new post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04 http://cli.gs/7XM4v #
  • Facebook cracking down on FB ad networks, hurting ad funded app developers. Another e.g. of the danger of dependency http://bit.ly/uDrfh #
  • TV show piracy continues to grow quickly outside the US http://bit.ly/D83Mr – we need our Hulu!! #
  • Published a new post: Wired and mobile webs take a step closer http://cli.gs/jS2eh #
  • Some great data on Twitter from @rjmetrics – the headline – 12.5m active users http://bit.ly/RCEDw #
  • Published a new post: Managing high impact/low probability opportunities http://cli.gs/ehvZ8 #
  • Google's new local ad offering – fixed price units – http://bit.ly/40186q #
  • Just bought my pass for the Ukraine v England live web stream on Sat. The future is now people! #
  • Published a new post: Fast, good, cheap, and something else http://cli.gs/MErSU #
  • @rhhfla has some words of wisdom to help spot when you are losing touch with reality – http://bit.ly/NPBFQ #
  • Interesting data on UK game consumption by age and gender – http://bit.ly/58Rh0 #
  • Google is making its own maps (US only so far), good luck TeleAtlas and Navteq! – http://bit.ly/YdsMJ #
  • Published a new post: The power of clarity http://cli.gs/e9g1q #
  • @fredwilson on New York govt challenge to build apps on top of open data – http://bit.ly/3spjzw. It would be great to see that here. #
  • @azeem see congrats where? in reply to azeem #
  • playing with Foursquare #
  • RT @PaulMiller: Huh? Don't you have to DO stuff to qualify for Nobel Prize ? Obama MIGHT but hasn't YET. Very weird; devalues prize for all. #
  • Yahoo apparently provided names and emails of 200k users to the Iranian govt during the protests, VERY BAD if true http://bit.ly/A0DSS #
  • @yawdogs lol, but she'll never understand.. I gave up long ago in reply to yawdogs #
  • Twitter news a) they are close to licensing the firehose to GOOG, and b) they might have to for the SEO juice – Gawker http://bit.ly/vyLwY #
  • RT @tim: Interesting blog post by Spotify CEO http://bit.ly/11Sp9J "We are in this for the long haul" not just hyping company & flipping it #
  • Published a new post: Microsoft to adopt a freemium model for Office 2010 http://cli.gs/92tuR #
  • On Foursquare building a new social graph. Haven't done that in a while. #

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