Online advertising bigger than TV

By September 30, 2009 One Comment

An Internet Advertising Bureau/PWC report out yesterday found that in the UK for H109 internet advertising passed TV advertising to become the biggest category.


This is pretty big news, and more so when you think that people have yet to start watching TV over the web in volume.  When we hit that tipping point I predict a big acceleration of budgets online.  Total UK internet spend in H109 was £1.75bn

To breakdown the stats a little:

  • Internet spending grew 4.6% compared with the year ago period whilst the overall market shrank by 17%
  • The UK remains the world leader in terms of share of spend online
  • Within internet spending search remains totally dominant, with 60% of the total, an increasing share
  • Classifieds also grew
  • Display advertising shrank

My takeaways from this are:

  • The internet advertising secular growth story continues
  • The UK (London really) remains one of the best places to build an adtech business
  • I would think twice before relying too heavily on display as either a publisher or an adtech business
  • Google’s dominance of the largest part of this market is unhealthy, especially in the UK
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