Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-13

  • Published a new post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-06 #
  • RT @TCEurope Breaking: Spotify App Goes Live on iPhone and Android – will get mine today #
  • Published a new post: App stores just a flash in the pan? #
  • RT @TCEurope Ariadne Capital puts skin in the game with a £20m fund – congratulations Julie! #
  • Fred Wilson on the pros and cons of VCs being open about what they are interested, ref FourSquare – #
  • Published a new post: Profits, success and subscription models #
  • happy to see UK economy growing again and signs that labour market is improving #
  • I like the way Foursquare set out their priorities – #
  • Facebook lands on the Android platform – #
  • More chat from Biz Stone on the (to me unpromising) idea of Twitter charging businesses for services e.g. analystics – #
  • Published a new post: The internet TV value chain is getting crowded #
  • Salesforce's Service Cloud is gathering momentum – #
  • RT @ianbissell: Live Apple stats: 30m iPods sold; 75,000 apps in store; 1.8bn apps downloaded; 100m accounts on iTunes | via @macworld #
  • Published a new post: Google may have the solution that lets news companies charge online #
  • How VCs think about dealflow, an old one, but a good one – #
  • RT @ianbissell: US media companies form JV to explore measurement of viewers across TV, mobiles and computer screens @ft #
  • Published a new post: The last flourishes of physical media #
  • @ZanderDuYoyo it is pretty safe to say that DVDs will become a thing of the past, and I think ebooks will fly eventually in reply to ZanderDuYoyo #

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