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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

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  • Published a new post: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23 http://cli.gs/bpUEt #
  • Published a new post: A great presentation on corporate culture http://cli.gs/jnTqE #
  • Brad Feld comes out against angel groups charging entrepreneurs – http://bit.ly/Plghx – I agree #
  • I'm looking forward to this Apple Tablet – http://bit.ly/1iYXiG #
  • I forgot to credit @wreeve when I posted the Netflix Culture presentation yesterday – http://bit.ly/3KMvkA #
  • Published a new post: Apple should eliminate their app review process http://cli.gs/MaLW5 #
  • If newspapers claim they are serving the public why are they working so hard to limit who sees the content, from Techdirt – http://bit. … #
  • Working link this time http://bit.ly/CxkRi #
  • Nice to see DFJ Esprit in the top five Euro venture firms – http://bit.ly/3hPn0s #
  • Great post from Scoble comparing Twitter, Yelp, Facebook and Google arguing the money is in social business listings – http://bit.ly/3kchLG #
  • Published a new post: Remnant inventory sometimes not worth selling? http://cli.gs/PzBpz #
  • Writing article for paidcontent on future of news, how the news itself is changing +what it means for society and business, pointers welcome #
  • Brad Feld talks sense on standard first round termsheets and legal docs – http://bit.ly/2ZHyum #
  • RT @rodneyschwartz: tonight justgiving celebrates over £500 million to charities http://www.justgiving.com/ Now that's impressive! #
  • Thanks for the pointers on news @MWarneford and @kolvin. Article now written in reply to MWarneford #
  • using socnets more increases your chance of getting burgled? and maybe your insurance premiums! – http://bit.ly/gwDaa #
  • Published a new post: Good website design presentation – espescially on sign up processes http://cli.gs/XYN0e #
  • Spotify overtakes iTunes in Sweden – http://bit.ly/2PK9o5 #
  • RT @alexrahaman: Its official, Orange have bought us http://tinyurl.com/mmh4dt CONGRATULATIONS!! #
  • RT @hermioneway: Best tech news all year: Apple approves the Spotify App for iPhone! http://bit.ly/47HHe9 #
  • Published a new post: Opinion: the news industry needs to look beyond news to find a business model for 21st cent… http://cli.gs/u9PNS #
  • Just finished re-reading Carlotta Perez's "Tecnological Revolutions" – the only book I've read twice in a long time. It's awesome. #

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