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Good website design presentation – espescially on sign up processes

By August 27, 2009 5 Comments

This presentation from design consultant Joshua Porter has a lot of great tips/reminders for maximising the efficacy of your site from the point of first contact with a new customer through to maintaining and increasing engagement over time.  I particularly like the pointers on registration processes.  Like me you may have noticed that for many sites registration is getting simpler and shorter and on slide 36 Joshua provides some AB testing data which tells us why – users have signup fatigue and often won’t be bothered unless they know it will be quick (and note the know).

As aside Joshua is practising a freemium model as a consultant. He gives away a lot of content for free and makes clear on his blog the extra stuff you get when you get him in person.  All consultants do this to a greater or lesser extent, but few make it as explicit as Joshua.