Apple’s rejection of Google Voice on the iPhone doesn’t bode well for them

By July 29, 2009 5 Comments


On the way in this morning I was thinking about Apple’s rejection of the Google Voice iPhone application, whether they will approve Spotify’s app (I really hope so), what it all means for the ecosystem and whether I should write a blog post on the topic.  Then I saw the following on Techdirt which sums up my thoughts perfectly:

As we wait to hear if Spotify’s mobile app gets approved (I heard a rumor that it was, but have seen no proof yet), we hear of another questionable Apple iPhone rejection: the Google Voice iPhone app has been forbidden from the iPhone, though the reasons aren’t entirely clear. Still, it does show that Apple doesn’t care who you are, or how big a name. If it doesn’t like your app, too bad. Once again, this seems like an argument for why more open solutions will win out in the end. Not only do users not have to worry about arbitrary rejections like this, but innovation will happen much faster on open platforms where each innovation doesn’t need to be approved by a mercurial secret cabal.

In the long run Apple will not win out if it continues to put its partners and own interests ahead of its customers interests.

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