Pitch me like I’m your best friend

By July 23, 2009Uncategorized

Yesterday Brad Feld quoted Jeffrey Kalmikoff of Threadless saying the following on Techstars:

give me your pitch, but give it to me as if you are giving it to your best friend

and I liked it so much I had to repeat it here.

I like it both because that’s how I like to be pitched by entrepreneurs and because it is sound advice for people who are pitching.  To break it down a little, if you pitching your best friend you would:

  • Give it her straight
  • Keep it interesting
  • Deliver it like a conversation rather than like a firehose
  • Try to inject some humour
  • Do as much listening as talking
  • Focus on the areas that your friend wants to hear about
  • Adjust the length of the pitch to the level of interest
  • Agreed. I try and go into a “pitch” as if its a casual yet educated and poignant discussion with an acquaintance. I try to execute the tone, pace and energy level I would have with a friend.

    I think it's important to note that pitching someone like they are a friend doesn't mean you can crack jokes in the same way. These are not (or may be in some cases) your college buddies. They will offer advice and sometimes funds but only if you have done your homework and present your case for a new venture in a professional yet relaxed and concise manner.

  • Good point. It shouldn't be too casual.

  • Good point. It shouldn't be too casual.

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