Weekly Tweet archive

By July 17, 2009 15 Comments

One of the reasons I write this blog is as a sort of online scrap book or diary to record both my own thoughts and interesting third party content (I also have a Tumblog which does the same thing for more personal content) – and it has been bugging me for some time that my Tweets are not getting captured in either of these two places – something I got round to fixing this week.

So going forward every weekend there will be an automated post with all of my Tweets from the previous week (assuming all goes well with the plugins I’m using, and thanks to Alex King’s Twitter Tools for the Twitter digest functionality).

Unfortunately I tried and failed to turn off the Twitter update for that automated post, and as a result you will get a Twitter update for a post full of Tweets that you may have already seen.  Apologies for the duplication.

As part of this I’ve also started Tweeting more links to interesting stories, both because I hope they will be interesting to those of you kind enough to follow me, and because I’d like to capture them for my own records.

Do let me know if any of this gets too much for you – either via the duplication of notification, the increase in the number of Tweets or even having the Tweet archive on TheEquityKicker in the first place (initially I planned to put it on Tumblr, but could only find plugins that a daily archive rather than weekly archive).