Soliciting questions for Glasshouse VC panel next week

By July 16, 2009Announcement

I’m doing a panel next week at the Glasshouse Show Me The Money event next Tuesday.  The other panelists will be Michael Birch (Bebo and now the PRO Founders Fund), Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC) and Andreas Lazar (Allen & Co).

The idea is that the discussion will help entrepreneurs make the right choices about funding and dispel some of the myths about VC.  To that end if you’ve got any topics/questions/lessons learned that it would be interesting for us to talk about please let us know in the comments.

  • Hey Nick, A few things on my mind at the moment that you might tackle:
    1) Government backed funding (Enterprise Finance Guarantee) – no need for share dilution
    2) Appointing Non-Exec Directors who offer value / help in exchange for equity (maybe no money)
    3) Poor valuations in the current environment – how long to hold back for
    Look forward to seeing you there – good luck with it…

  • Thanks Andy

  • Nic, having just raised some money for Cognitive Match from a great VC (Dawn Capital), it would be interesting to hear experiences of working with a new VC, accessing expertise, contact networks and so on.

    We learnt a fair bit in the process of raising investment (most importantly: never give up!), and at one point gathered a group of angel investors as an alternative to VC. That choice (bootstrap with privates, spend lots of time raising institutional) might be interesting to look at.

    It would also be great the hear the panel's view about the VC market over the next couple of years, and how it affects valuations, exits, management incentives and so on. The recent TechCrunch article (…) is pretty downbeat about the market…

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