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Making happiness your business model

By June 4, 2009 4 Comments

I first read the presentation below from Tara Hunt about a year ago and when I agreed to send it to a friend earlier this week I thought I would find it on here already – but it turns out I never posted it.  A situation which I’m rectifying now.

In a nutshell her point is that we should design products that people enjoy using, and then she analyses what it is that drives enjoyment, i.e. makes people happy.  What I like is the way Tara captures the essence of what makes sites great apart from their core feature – or to put it another way why people would use one site rather than another is they had equivalent functionality, something she relates back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology.

This is a long presentation and there are many great bits to it, so much so in fact that I struggled to decide which bits to pull out for those of you who don’t like to read 197 slides – so if you can, make the time.  If not the most important message is to build your products so that people feel they are in control (autonomous) and competent.  The screen grabs below give more detail from the relevant slides (124 and 126).

Updated to include presentation!