The future of games: Trip Hawkins, CEO of Digital Chocolate

Digital Chocolate is now the number one game company on the iPhone and Trip’s view is the future for games is casual and social, and that they will be free to play with revenue coming from virtual goods.  Hear his views in full on the video below.

Thanks to my friend Rob Majteles for the pointer.  Update – Rob asked me to add that he is a board director of Digital Chocolate.

  • So not subscriptions then, ala WoW?

  • Hi Jof. I guess subs will still work for more immersive games – Trip is really talking about casual/social games.

  • Makes sense. I didn't get chance to see the video as it wasn't loading for me. I wonder if anyone's ever done a graph showing the points at which subs trump micro-payments trump advertising… Would such a graph even exist?

  • I think that he is 100% right. I've been asked out here at E3 what I believe in for the future, and my answer is almost entirely “games that are naturally viral”.

    The iPhone with its Apps is interesting, but incredible crowded. It gets most interesting when you cross the iPhone App with Facebook Connect (or Open Social) and see that the more usage a game gets, the more buyers/downloaders it gets because they see that their friends are playing it.

    In other words, the old model of a marketing-led game is in terminal decline; therefore, the design of the game needs to be viral to replace this massive budget.

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