Twitter usage by client

By May 13, 2009Twitter



Client Percent of Users Tweets per user
Web 27.72% 4.38
TweetDeck 13.25% 6.24
Tweetie 7.74% 3.87
Twhirl 5.51% 4.68
Twitterfeed 4.14% 5.26
TwitterFon 2.77% 2.60
TwitterFox 1.96% 3.37
Text 2.77% 3.64
TwitterBerry 1.96% 2.86

It is great to see Tweetdeck so far out in front (and if you are wondering, Seesmic Desktop has 1.34% or users) – kudos to @iaindodsworth.  If you get deeper into the data you find, perhaps unsurprisingly that Tweetdeck is more popular with the heavier user.  You can see it in the table above with the Tweets per user count and if you cut the data by number of friends then the same picture emerges.

The one surprising thing for me here is the percentage of people who use the web.

The data is from Twitstat.