Twitter search for everyone

On the Twitter blog Biz Stone yesterday announced that Twitter search is now available for all Twitter users right off their home page.  As Techcrunch says, they have done a nice job of it, clean and simple with the ability to save and come back to searches (more important in realtime than traditional search, I think).  See the screenshot from my Twitter home page below:


It is from this moment that we will get to see how much power there really is in the realtime search concept.  This is the first time a mainstream site (or at least near mainstream) has gone live with such a prominent support for everyone’s favourite mini-trend, and hence this is the first time we will get to see how much demand there is.  I look forward to hearing about the query volume.

That said, something inside me says that the optimum interface for realtime search might be very different to traditional search, so we might need to innovate beyond the box before it really takes off.  I don’t know how Twitter would do that as most of the real estate on their pages is busy with friends updates.