Disenchantment with Google is growing

By April 5, 2009 6 Comments

This is from the Guardian earlier today:

Despite the aura of heroic young enterprise that still miraculously attaches to the web, what we are seeing is a much older and toxic capitalist model – the classic monopoly that destroys industries and individual enterprise in its bid for ever greater profits. Despite its diversification, Google is in the final analysis a parasite that creates nothing, merely offering little aggregation, lists and the ordering of information generated by people who have invested their capital, skill and time. On the back of the labour of others it makes vast advertising revenues – in the final quarter of last year its revenues were $5.7bn, and it currently sits on a cash pile of $8.6bn.

I’m not sure I buy this, but it is interesting to see the disillusionment and vitriol building.

I will be off grid for most of the next week so there won’t be much that’s new on The Equity Kicker until after Easter.